Mercedes to show EQT electric camper concept

Van News | Mercedes to show EQT electric camper concept |
New EQT camper is based on the T-Class compact van.

Mercedes will launch its second electric camper van at the start of December. Getting ready to sit alongside the existing EQV Marco Polo will be the new EQT camper. It’ll be previewed by a Concept EQT Marco Polo show car, to debut on the 2nd of December.

EQT electric compact camper

The full production version of the EQT Marco Polo — which is said to be very close to the concept model — will go on sale in the second half of 2023. As with other Marco Polo models, it will be a fully-equipped camper, which you can buy from Mercedes-Benz dealers. Like the conventional T-Class, it uses a capsule camper setup. A Marco Polo module slots into the back of a conventional van and features a bed and a kitchen unit. It can be easily installed or removed according to whether you want to go camping or haul people around.

Flexible everyday use

Mercedes claims it offers: “a combination of a modern drive concept and an innovative camper interior. The Concept EQT Marco Polo offers the best prerequisites for an enjoyable weekend excursion. At the same time, it is suitable for flexible everyday use thanks to the option of completely removing the camping features in just a few simple steps.”

Low centre of gravity

The EQT Marco Polo will share its basic structure with the EQT panel van and benefit from the same positioning of the battery pack under the chassis, meaning that the load space and practicality are unchanged. It also has the same low centre of gravity.

The EQT, in turn, shares a platform with the electric Renault Kangoo, which means that it gets a circa 300-kilometre range on one charge of its 45kWh battery pack. However, the weight of the Marco Polo setup will affect that figure.

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