New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter & eSprinter on sale now

Electric e-Sprinter gets 440km range

Mercedes has confirmed that the updated Sprinter and electric e-Sprinter van are now officially on sale. Both models have upgrades that include new MBUX in-van infotainment and management software.

Up to 5.5-tonnes gross weight

The Sprinter and e-Sprinter are available in two body lengths and can be had with front, rear, or four-wheel drive, allowing for a maximum gross vehicle weight of up to 5.5 tonnes. There are diesel versions, of course, using the 2.0-litre OM654 engine in four different power outputs: 115hp, 150hp, 170hp, and 190hp. Those all come with six-speed manual or 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic gearboxes.

The e-Sprinter electric version gets a choice of two electric motors — 136hp or 204hp — and a choice of three battery capacities — 113 kWh, 81 kWh or 56 kWh. That big 113kWh pack has a potential range of up to 440km, although Mercedes claims that: “a pre-production vehicle of the new eSprinter panel van with a battery size of 113 kWh completed the route from Stuttgart to Munich and back – a route length of 475 kilometres - on a single battery charge and without recharging.”

Up to 530km range in city driving

In city driving, the range can be up to 530km, which means many delivery drivers may only have to charge up every few days. The brakes automatically recoup energy and send it back to the battery. Drivers can manually adjust this setting or choose an auto mode that uses the camera and forward-facing radar to decide how strong the regenerative braking force should be.

In terms of charging, the e-Sprinter can be rapid-charged at up to 115kW from a suitably powerful DC charging unit, which is enough to top up the smaller 56kWh battery from 10 to 80 per cent in around 28 minutes. For the biggest 113kWh battery, that charging time is about 42 minutes.

The Mercedes me Charge digital service is also available for the eSprinter. That gives customers access to one of Europe’s largest public charging networks, with around 600,000 charging points - including the fast-charging network IONITY. Mercedes is also developing its own rapid-charging hubs in Europe, with the first one recently opened in Mannheim.

Updated MBUX software

Inside, the updated MBUX software runs on a big 10.25-inch touchscreen and comes with free services such as maintenance, accident, and breakdown management, as well as remote services such as locking and unlocking the doors and opening and closing the windows via the Mercedes me app.

The Mercedes-Benz Van Uptime real-time diagnostics system is also available to commercial customers as an optional digital service package for the Sprinter. The product enables real-time evaluation and interpretation of vehicle data to prevent vehicle downtime.

Other highlights include extensive personalisation options, such as seat-specific voice recognition for the driver and front passenger, which will be possible in combination with the comfort overhead control unit, and optimisations for the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant. In addition, for the first time, customers will be able to take advantage of the new satellite view and significantly improved navigation for trailers and oversized vehicles, which are specially adapted to the requirements of large vehicles.

In safety terms, all Sprinter and e-Sprinter models will now come with Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, drowsiness warning, and Intelligent Speed Assist with cruise control, including free navigation data for up to seven years after the vehicle’s production date. There’s also an optional Sideguard Assist, which helps to protect pedestrians and cyclists who are near the van.

Published on January 19, 2024 Written by