Electric Iveco Daily revealed

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Iveco has unveiled the "electric twin" of its Daily van.

Iveco has taken the covers off the new battery-electric version of its full-sized Daily van, designed to handle all the same diverse range of applications as its diesel-powered equivalent but without the associated running costs or emissions.

The eDaily is available in van, cab, crew cab, chassis cowl and minibus body variants from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes, and in single-wheel and twin-wheel versions, with the same line-up of height and wheelbase options as the diesel Daily (though not four-wheel drive). The eDaily features the same optional pneumatic suspension system and a selection of “ePTOs” capable of running everything from a refrigeration unit to a crane to a waste collector.

Modular batteries

Powering all these are up to three 37kWh modular battery packs, with the possibility to specify just one or two batteries depending on how much range is required. Because of how the eDaily is built, users can add extra battery capacity of up to three packs throughout the vehicle’s life. Recognising that the Daily is a heavy van with a huge number of different uses, Iveco hasn’t given any range figures for the battery packs as the answer to the range question is essentially the same as “How long is a piece of string?”

Some figures Iveco has mentioned regarding the battery include a maximum charging capacity of 80kW, adding 100km of range in around 30 minutes, and a 250,000km battery warranty if the battery capacity dips below 80 per cent.

Plenty of power

Power is broadly in line with the combustion version of the Daily, with a maximum of 190hp and 400Nm of instant torque on tap. If extra power is needed, drivers can harness the motor’s full potential by selecting the “Hi-Power” function. Those performance figures also allow for an advantageous towing capacity of 3.5 braked tonnes, a 4.6-tonne payload and 20m³ of cargo space. One-pedal driving ability should prove especially welcome for delivery drivers in urban areas with lots of stop-start traffic.

The same chassis as the diesel Daily makes the eDaily one of the most useful EV bases for conversion to a broad range of uses. Especially with the selection of ePTOs of up to 15kW in output, drawing their power from the main batteries, they can be used even when the driving motor isn’t operating.

Hydrogen eDaily

The unveiling of the battery-electric eDaily at the IAA Transportation event in Hannover, Germany, comes as Iveco also unveiled a hydrogen-electric version of the Daily, the eDaily FCEV, developed in partnership with Hyundai. Iveco says that while the battery-powered eDaily is better suited for shorter-range uses, the hydrogen-powered model is more adept when it comes to longer delivery runs, with a range of up to 350km between refuelling stops — though that’s a range limited by the scant availability of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

Orders for the battery-electric eDaily are already open in Europe, with deliveries due to begin early in 2023.

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