BUMBLElance calls for loud shirts

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Children’s ambulance charity wants everyone in shocking shirts

BUMBLEance, the children’s ambulance charity, is calling on everyone to get their loudest, brightest shirts out of the back of the wardrobe for a Shocking Shirt fundraising day. 

Serious and life-limiting illness

The BUMBLEance charity was established in 2013 as a way to ensure that children affected by serious and life-limited illnesses could be transported in a way that was less scary for them and which could even be a little fun. 

With a rise in the need for the service in recent years, BUMBLEance is having a major fundraising day on September 16th — which is international World Patient Day — and wants to get as many people as possible to join in by wearing their loudest shirts.

Global solidarity

Aislinn Muckian, who is in the Fundraising department at BUMBLEance, said: “We want to celebrate World Patient Safety Awareness Day by raising funds for our incredible BUMBLEance families. “The objective of World Patient Safety Day is to increase public awareness and engagement, enhance global understanding, and spur global solidarity and action to promote patient safety. Each year, we acknowledge priority patient safety areas where action is needed to reduce avoidable harm in health care and achieve universal health coverage. We are asking schools, offices, and communities to join together and wear your most Shocking Shirt to help those who need it most! We have seen an unfortunate rise in the need for our service in recent years and need your support in helping as many children and families as possible.”

Fantastic support

Sharon, the mother of Noah, who is one of BUMBLEance’s ‘King Bee’ members, shared their story and the support BUMBLEance was able to give them: ”Noah was born March 2011 with a very rare syndrome called Escobar syndrome. Noah’s syndrome affects him physically and he will be a wheelchair user for life. He has undergone many surgeries during his 10+ years on this earth and he does so with laughter, grace and most of all, unbeatable courage. 

“In September 2021, Noah almost died during a routine procedure and the whole event was absolutely terrifying for us all as a family. Noah faces further procedures in the future and although we are all extremely nervous, Noah’s attitude continues to inspire us to keep going and believe all will be ok. Charities like BUMBLEance give families like our fantastic support and allow our children to enjoy moments in life that would ordinarily be tough or scary.”

“People can register via our website. We will send out materials for the day including balloons, posters and buckets if required. If that day wont suit? No worries. You can host your event any date,” said Aislinn Muckian

Here is the link to register: https://www.bumbleance.com/shocking-shirt-day-form/

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