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Can I tax and insure a Golf van privately?

Can I tax and insure a Golf van privately?


I am thinking of buying a Volkswagen Golf van instead of the regular Golf car - totally for private use, to carry bikes and camping gear. We don’t need anything bigger than the Golf and the van version would be much more practical for us. However, we don’t have a VAT number and it would not be linked in any way to our work. Is there a way of privately taxing and insuring such a vehicle? If so, are there any other hidden costs?

Many thanks!

Filed under tax private insurance Volkswagen Golf van - Asked by Michael (Swords) - Fri, 17 Feb, 2023

Answered by: Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Van Advisor - @shane_o_d


Hi Michael,

Anyone can in theory buy a commercial vehicle and use it privately. When you buy it, you just inform your local motor tax office that it will be used privately and the tax rate will then change. Insurance can be a little trickier to sort out, so we recommend you contact a broker to look into the best rates for you. In fact, we’d advise you do that before you commit to buying the van in the first place, to ensure it’s all affordable.

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