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High-tech new Reanult Master van is coming

Renault is poised to launch the latest generation of Master van, but the French car-making giant isn’t quite ready to show us everything yet, so we must make do with this shadowy silhouette for the moment.

It’s enough to show us that the Master will look very new this time. Gone is the long, sloping nose of old and in comes a blunter, squarer-edged look for Renault’s biggest van. The company is calling this shape its ‘Aerovan’ body, and it’s reckoned to be far more efficient than the previous version when it comes to carving through the air.

More efficient

That efficiency will pay big dividends to users, especially those who go for the all-electric version of the new Master. According to Renault, thanks to the improvements in aerodynamics, the EV Master will get a 21 per cent improvement in its electric consumption.The versions that are powered by diesel engines will see their fuel economy fall by as much as 1.5 litres per 100km.

The Master has been a massive success story for Renault’s commercial vehicle division since the launch of the first version in 1980. Since then, more than three million Masters have found hard-working homes worldwide.

Innovative factory

Once again, this version will be a truly French van built at Renault’s huge factory in Batilly. Renault says the factory has been refitted to: “produce in a new and innovative way.” We’re not quite sure what that means, but doubtless more details will be forthcoming when the new Master is fully revealed in the coming days.

According to Renault: “The new Renault Master will launch the next-gen vans that are more efficient, 100 per cent connected and innovative. This new model has been designed for optimum use, enabling it to go further and further, while spending less and adapting to today’s needs.”

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