Ford introduces ‘Smart Mirror’

New camera-based rear-view mirror to become available on Transit.

Ford is introducing a new camera-based rear-view mirror system that should be a big help to van drivers and could reduce the risk of collisions occurring.

The Full Display Interior Mirror replaces the traditional rear-view mirror - often made redundant in panel vans - with a display screen. It is almost double the usual mirror’s width and provides an unobstructed live feed of what is behind the van via a camera mounted on the rear door.

The camera and display can automatically adjust for brightness to ensure an optimum visibility level during day and night. Ford says that the camera’s lens can provide a field of view that is twice that of a regular mirror’s.

It is designed for installation on Ford Transit and Transit Custom vans with windowless rear doors and is compatible with Transit models produced from 2014 and Transit Custom models built from 2012.

Ford’s Smart Mirror could improve fleet efficiency and reduce costs

Having a camera setup like this should be a great benefit to van drivers who previously could only rely on their side mirrors to see what was behind their vehicle. Now drivers can have a clearer view when changing lanes, merging onto motorways and taking sharp turns. It will be beneficial for drivers working in busy city streets where they are more likely to encounter cyclists, pedestrians and e-scooter riders. These vulnerable road users accounted for a staggering 70 per cent of road accident fatalities in urban areas in Europe in 2019.

Another potential benefit of having this system installed is reducing vehicle downtime due to repairs resulting from collisions. Furthermore, in addition to improving the uptime of a fleet, this technology could result in insurance premium reductions.

“Providing our drivers with maximum visibility – especially in urban areas where there is so much to look out for – increases their confidence and is a key part of making journeys safer for them, and for other road users as well,”

said Owen Gregory, Director of Commercial Vehicle Aftersales in Ford of Europe.

Published on March 29, 2021 Written by